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IMS BAUHAUS® Preparation Course Specialist Engineer for Membrane Structures of the Chamber of Engineers Saxony-Anhalt

Building with textile materials has been one of the tasks of engineers for more than 60 years. During this time, spectacular buildings have been created, which clearly differ from concrete, steel or wooden structures due to their very own design language, both visually and in the way they are processed.

The requirements arising from the impending climatic change will necessitate lightweight structural solutions in order to be able to continue to maintain a livable urban space in the short term. The introduction of the Eurocode provides the normative framework for membrane construction and highlights the increasing need for trained professionals.

With this course, the IMS is enabling the specialist engineers of the future to become qualified in this field.

Next course

14th September - 8th December 2023


English only

Tuition fee (total)

3.200 EUR

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Partner of the programme

Since 2006, the IMS BAUHAUS® Archineer® Institutes e. V. has been offering training and further education in membrane construction. As a private educational institution, the IMS is thus unique in Germany and also worldwide. Only proven experts from industry, education, research and science teach at the IMS BAUHAUS® Archineer® Institutes e.V. The students at the institute come not only from Germany, but from many countries in Europe and the world.

Since 2011, the Saxony-Anhalt Chamber of Engineers has been working together with the institute and the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences in Dessau, particularly in the field of further education and training. Since then, the practice-oriented postgraduate academic training to become a specialist engineer in membrane construction has been an essential part of the cooperation.

Specialist engineers of the Chamber of Engineers of Saxony-Anhalt are engineers - who are entitled to use the professional title "engineer" in accordance with the Engineering Act of Saxony-Anhalt (IngG LSA), - who have special theoretical knowledge in a specialist field through job-specific qualifications and further training that considerably exceeds what is imparted through basic professional training (§5 clause 2) and - who can provide evidence of practical experience in the profession (§5 clause 3).

Procedure of the Course

Time schedule and work load

The online lecture will be livestreamed every Friday and Saturday from 13:00 to 19:00 CET including breaks. Attendance at each lesson is compulsory.
The final examination consists of two parts. At the end of the course, a written examination on all completed modules and a project paper on a chosen topic must be completed.

Technical information

The online lectures will be held by ZOOM.
Throughout the study period, participants will be provided with the latest version of the ixCube 4-10 professional software by ixRay ltd. free of charge.

Documents Chamber of Engineers

Here you can find the Documents of the Chamber of Engineers.

Confirmed participants will be informed in time about the relevant information and accesses.

Course content

4 weekends online lectures ++ 1 written exam ++ 1 final assignment
3 months of guided learning in total

Structural Design II

The module “Structural Design II” is based on the module “Structural Design I” of the Basic Course Archineer® in Membrane Structures. The module includes the following topics:

Structural design in the context form and construction

What is the best efficient structural system in consideration of architectural design, utilisation and use of the right material for primary and secondary structure?

Which are the higher-level rules for designing structural systems?

Design of efficient light weight structures for membrane projects

What are the criteria for lightweight constructions?  

How can the efficiency of load-bearing structures be improved, e.g. through 3d load-bearing behaviour, hybrid structures or efficient details?

Is less more?

Discussion of membrane projects

Which different variants of structural systems exist for the discussed projects?

What are the differences between the structural systems?

Which are the advantages and what are the reasons for the design?

Structural Analysis II

The module “Structural Analysis II” is based on the module “Structural Analysis I” of the Basic Course Archineer® in Membrane Structures. It includes the presentation and discussion of important topics for the structural engineer based on concrete examples from professional practice in lightweight and membrane construction:

Tasks and responsibilities of a specialist engineer

What does it mean to be a (professional) engineer?

Responsibility and professional ethics of the engineer


Structural Engineering

Serviceability, safety and durability

Communication with project partners, contractual and construction interfaces, duties to inform

Structure and content of the structural analysis

Preventing mistakes, interpreting signs correctly, learning from errors and damage

Observance of laws, guidelines and standards

Instructions for monitoring and controlling the execution of the construction project

Notes on the inspection and application procedure

Membrane Materials II

The module “Membrane Materials II” is based on the module “Membrane Materials I” of the Basic Course Archineer® in Membrane Structures. The module includes the following topics:

Deepening the knowledge of membrane materials

The structure of polymers
Mechanical and physical properties
Modeling of mechanical properties

Learn more about material properties and the failure behaviour

Calculation of stiffness values
Shear stiffness of membrane materials
Time-dependent behavior of membrane materials
Membrane damage due to chemical and physical influences,
including the question "Why and how do details fail?"

Additional Aspects of membrane materials

Building physics properties and special features of lightweight envelopes

Construction Management II

The module “Construction management II” is based on the module “Membrane Fabrication and Construction Management I” of the Basic Course Archineer® in Membrane Structures. The module includes the following topics:

Deepening the knowledge of construction preparation processes

Surveying of membrane structures

Assembly preparations

Design of foundations

Deepening the knowledge of construction management

Construction process

Costs planning

Construction schedule

Maintenance-friendly design