Dipl.-Ing. Henning Duerr



1996 - 1997

Industrial design, Dresden University of Applied Sciences, Germany

2000 - 2003

Architecture, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

2003 - 2004

Architecture, Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Norway

2004 - 2007

Architecture, University of Stuttgart, Germany


Diploma Thesis “morpheum – a magnetic spherical nodal point”

since 2012

PHD-Thesis at VUB, Brussels (Promoter: M. Mollaert), “Pliable folding, research on transformable 3D-surface modules”


1997 - 2000

Joinery Hug, Singen (certificate as journeyman)

Working Qualification


Laboratory Blum, Stuttgart


ILEK, University of Stuttgart

Since 2007

IF Group, Konstanz


Laboratory Blum, Stuttgart

Since 2012

Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, IMS BAUHAUS® Archineer® Institutes e.V.,

Research Projects


„Membrane-Lightweight-Structures – innovative construction and control systems on the basis of flying animals wing membrane” Bionic-Project (Germany's Federal Ministry of Education and Research)
Topics: transdisciplinary approach, folding, multifunctional, multilayer structure, jacquard weaving technology


„Development of a method to harden prestressed textile structures by spraying with concrete – textile used as reinforcement and dead formwork”, AIF-Project (Germany´s Federal Ministry of Science and Technology)
Topics: material system, sprayed concrete, membrane formwork


“Pliable Folding – research on bend-folded wall systems from polymer sheet material”

References / Portfolio

Anhalt University

AIF-research project
Teaching activities master program in Membrane Structures by IMS e.V.
Project work, atrium roof of the AU security building, Addis Abeba

Labor Blum

Material testing
Supervision on site and of production
Project work - German approvals
Material research
DTP and illustration work

IF Group Textile

Sunshading structure (Glas-Silicone), Fürth
Façade analysis and parametrical survey with grasshopper for KAC, S.A.
Design for “Global Savety Textiles”-booth
Biona research project and extension project (outdoor computing shelter)
Organisation of advanced training workshops


Organisation of international conferences (Fritz Leonhard Symposium and Jörg Schlaich Symposium)
Teaching activities
Supervision of Techtextil-booth for Tensinet student competition


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