Membrane at Anhalt University


"We  want to teach the world how to build membranes" Following this motto, Prof. Dr. Robert Off and his team from IMS BAUHAUS are currently creating new courses that can be booked as pure online courses starting in March of this year.  Due to the pandemic it was unfortunately not possible  to maintain the previous and worldwide very successful master course Membrane Strucutres in cooperation with the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences in Dessau-Rosslau. However, the demand for education in this field is still high. Therefore, Prof. Off has decided to develop new online courses in the field of textile construction at short notice, adapted to the current still critical travel situation in the world.

The new IMS BAUHAUS®  course "Archineer®" will start in March 2021 and and will be completed in approx. 8 months as an online course. The change in course format will allow participants to join the program even without an academic university entrance qualification.

In cooperation with the Chamber of Engineers of Saxony-Anhalt, the IMS BAUHAUS team is currently working on another course to replace the Master Membrane Structures. Graduates of this course will be awarded the degree of "Engineer of Membrane Structures" by the Chamber of Engineers.

More information about the courses will be published soon.